I have been listening to a lot of old school music over the past month. Not that i have anything against Justin Bieber or Rihanna and the music of today but I prefer to spend my time tapping my feet to some good old Jazz tunes than do the harlem shake. I connect with music on a more soulful level and it saddens me greatly to find today’s music lacks that feel. Jazz music was the escape for many and a way to express freely in a society that enslaved them. Of course hip hop and rap are amazing dance tunes and are fun but they are not timeless. I’m afraid they pale in comparison to the great symphonies of Beethoven and Mozart. On the other hand not everyone has the same taste in music and might find concertos rather drab. This is where jazz has the upper hand. Everyone and anyone can just lose themselves in the wonderful world of jazz.

The song that has been playing repeatedly on my mind since yesterday is “What a wonderful world” by the legendary Louis Armstrong. The emotion in his voice, the lyrics of the song, the melodious tunes, everything screams class. The music comes straight from the heart. If someone were to ask me to define Jazz, this is would be my attempt; “Perfectly arranged notes balanced on very specific rhythms” and continue to describe it in the words of Armstrong as “Not too slow, not too fast, kind of half-fast.” So for this week’s post I have decided to bring to the forefront some of the long lost amazing jazz tunes. These are a few of my favourites, So if you’re looking for a slightly different playlist or just want to chill out, I suggest you give these tracks a listen Sit back with a cup of tea or whatever you like to mellow out with and enjoy the JAZZ TRIP!

Click this link to listen to some all time Jazz favourites


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