The Sizzler Crave Finally Satisfied

If you are a hardcore fan of sizzlers then you have to visit ‘the little hut restaurant’ as they serve one of the most yummy, delicious and mouthwatering sizzlers.

Initially I heard about this restaurant from a friend on facebook to whom I had asked for an amazing place where awesome sizzlers would be served. He suggested me to try ‘the little hut restaurant’ because according to him they served one of the most amazing sizzlers that he have had recently.

So I thought of giving it a try and went to ‘the little hut restaurant’ located in Karama (Dubai) to have the famous non-veg boneless sizzler that was suggested by my friend, and yes it did satisfy the crave I had for sizzlers.

I took my family along with me for dinner to the same place during the weekend just to make sure it is not just my perception of liking the food of this restaurant. Indeed everyone liked the food along with the service provided.

We didn’t have to wait that long for the food ordered to arrive on our table which was surprisingly remarkable. Because when you are impatiently waiting for food to be served and it gets delayed then it can get very annoying. But luckily nothing like that happened and we all enjoyed our dinner.

Also I would like to write about the decor and the lighting of the restaurant which gave a calm and romantic vibe along with it being very appealing. Decor and lighting can change a person’s mood for sure, and it can also change the perception of a person towards a place.

The lantern which hangs on the ceiling made of fluorescent bulb covered with red Chinese cloth gives us a feeling of dinning in china itself. Also on the second floor, one side of the wall has mirror to give an illusion of the place being bigger than it actually is. Even though it is a small restaurant, it is very well known for its sizzlers. But not just sizzlers, to me all the food items I tried was mouthwatering.

It is definitely a place which serves awesome food within reasonable budget. A restaurant that is worth visiting at least once, which for sure will make you a regular customer of ‘the little hut restaurant’. Also I would like to mention that this article is totally not endorsed by any organization and it is completely my opinion about my experience.


The Little Hut Restaurant


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