Nothing beats entertainment like the 90s

I took my brother to a birthday party last week and the place was crawling with 8 to 9 year olds – No, this is not a recount of the retarded party but what amazed me was a shocking conversation I had with them. None of them had heard of Lion King, Chip and Dales, Swat Cats, Johnny Bravo, Ghost busters or Duck Tales. None of them knew what a VHS cassette or a floppy was! (And this sadly, included my own brother)

I sat there stunned, going “OMG I can’t believe these kids!” and then I went, “What is wrong with these kids!” to “OMG, am I that old?”

If I had to look back at my media consumption as a kid that lived through the 90s, I think they made for the most cherished memories. Rushing back from school to catch 2 ‘o’ clock show of Woody the Woodpecker or Dexter’s Laboratory. Trying to finish off with  homework so I would have time to watch “Disney hour” at 5 pm. Ending my day with a huge tantrum with my mom to watch an episode of Flintstones by 7 pm just as Cartoon Network would turn to boring TNT Classic at precisely 8 pm because she had her serial of “Bold and the Beautiful” right about that hour.

I still remember sobbing in the living room while watching Lion King and singing my heart out while singing along with Disney songs!”

All this was when life moved a little slower, when we used to use VHS cassettes, audio cassettes and not to mention floppy discs (when I showed my brother he looked at it like it was from outer space!).

What am I really trying to get across is that before Internet took over our lives, our sense of entertainment was much more entertaining. We picked out a day, spent hours in the video library picking out the perfect film for the week – one cartoon for the kids and one serious film for the parents; the eagerness to go home, watch it, not once but as many times we could before we had to return the film. Same with theaters – an occasional treat, I still distinctly remember the excitement and contentment of walking out of a film theater – and the thrill of watching films at a drive-in. Try describing the feeling to a kid today- they will look at you as if  you’re crazy ( I know, I tried).

Nowadays, video libraries are almost endangered and theaters embracing new technologies – but in my opinion that sense of enthusiasm is lacking unlike the old days. Everything we want to watch is available online and can be downloaded with just one click (what are you downloading, right now?).

It’s true we have moved on and today’s generation are getting their fair share of memories with Ben 10 what not.
But it’s not the same. Atleast to me, a kid from the 90s.

Watch 10 Things That Make You A 90s Kid

If you’re 90’s kid,I bet this will bring back some sweet memories.
If you aren’t familiar, I suggest it’s time to take a break and go back in time. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Top 100 90’s TV Shows

P.S: As for my brother, Hakuna Matata (it means don’t worry), I dragged him straight home and made him watch all the classics starting with Lion King- but he didn’t cry when Musafa died but he cried bucket loads when Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben died in Spiderman.

All you can say is, today’s kids sheesh!

By Neha Kalvani (A proud 90s kid!)



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