The Sound of Music

The rhythm, beat, lyrics and tune are some of the elements that listeners base their choice of music upon. It is effortless to grab the attention of people when it comes to music. When a certain song is being played, they often pause to listen to it and if it is a familiar song, they may either sing along or may hum the tune.

Music is one of the best ways through which people often communicate to the world. Songwriters write songs in a way that it connects to them personally and what their inner feelings are which, they may find difficult to converse. This connection tends to relate to the listeners and the effect a particular song has on an individual is difficult to point out. A person gets attached to a song when they are able to relate to it and this leads them to listen to it more frequently.logo mix2Music has become an integral part of our day to day life, where most of us begin by listening to songs of personal preference that will enable us to start our day with. It is considered to be a medium through which many can calm themselves or relax their minds. One is sent into a trance or into the world of the unknown while listening to music they prefer. Music also brings people together, and this was portrayed through the song ‘We are the World’ by Michael Jackson featuring different singers who came as one and sang for the Haiti earthquake victims.

A decade ago, the choice of having one’s favourite song in the palm of their hands may not have been possible. Those days one will have to buy their favourite album or music from the record store, which were expensive. Now, the technology being so advanced, one either has a music device or cell phone, where they are able to listen to the song of their choice at their convenience and on a repeat, which is a complete opposite to the earlier years.

Over the past few years, one has heard various songs that have become famous such as the Gangnam Style by PSY, Kolaveri Di by Dhanush and Wakka Wakka by Shakira. Music transcends all races and language, and both, young and old, get involved in the song, instantly making it popular.

This goes shows that music has no boundaries and can never grow old. It plays a vital role in today’s world, as it delivers a message in its own unique rhythm, beat, lyrics and tune that connects to the individuals.


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