A Girl’s ‘How-to Guide’ to wearing the Basic Blue Denim

Way back in 1873, a glorious blue revolution took place in San Francisco, California. Ever since copper rivets were added to reinforce the god-sent material called denim, an unmentioned change took place in the lives of the generations to come.

Jeans were the brain child of Jacob W. Davis, a German-American tailor.  On the insistance of a customer’s wife to make a pair of rugged and durable work-pants for her husband, Davis came up with the masterpiece, which went on to becoming the cultural icon associated with the cowboys.  His collaboration with Levi Strauss is still a blessing to the world.

About a century and a few decades later, this work of art is still seen today, not in art galleries but on the derrière of almost half the world’s population. Similar to the age-defining rings of a tree stump, each piece of denim trousers tells of the decade and the style of that era.  Be it Acid Washed or Stone Washed; Bell- Bottoms or Capri; Boot cut or Skinny; High-Waisted or Mid Rise; Frayed or Neon, jeans have not failed to become the soul food of clothing diet. No longer is it a staple item of clothing of just the cowboys and miners but for the average Joe & Jane. Denims are widely accepted clothing items and it has earned its place in the white collar sector as well.

How to wear the Basic Blue Jeans:

the basic blue jeans

1 Pair of Blue Jeans: 4 Different Attires

1) While Running Errands:  This is the easiest way to get ready. For those who thrive in PJ’s all day and are forced to get out of the house for mundane tasks like grocery shopping or walking the dog,  merely slipping on a pair of jeans makes it socially acceptable. And the greatest news here is that you don’t even have to take off that comfy hoodie. No more awkward lectures by concern old ladies who think it’s their birthright to give you fashion advice on why PJ’s are bedroom exclusives. Pair this with a convenient sling purse instead of juggling your wallet, keys, cell phone, et cetera.  Bed hair is acceptable.

2) Luncheon with the Girls: This is one level up from the sweatshirt or t-shirt attire. Yes, it will require some effort. A nice linen shirt or an eyelet top is perfect. It’s both comfortable yet oh-so-chic. This can be paired with some cute ballet flats or t-strap sandals.  A hobo purse or a satchel can prep the look a tenfold.

3) Business Casual:  A classic tailored blazer can up the denims and go from chic to classy. But just because you’re working doesn’t mean you have to dull your personality. Pastel coloured blazers are über fun and can make the office a livelier place. For this look you can either play it up or down by wearing either kitten heels or Mary Jane’s. If heels aren’t your thing then the safe black or nude ballet flats are a must have. However remember to keep the accessories to a minimal.

4) Night Out:  After a long hard week, even the Spencer Hastings needs a night out of town to let her hair down.  Salsa with the peeps or the opening of the new club calls for a bit of dressing up. A Flirty tank top comes in handy in this case if you’re not exactly the dress type of girl or simply prefer having more fun without having to be conscious. Wear some strappy stilettos or sky high pumps to spot your group even in a crowd. If you’ve curtailed your accessories all through the week, this is the time to go overboard with it all. Bring out those long chandelier earrings and knuckle duster rings. It’s essential to be independent on the dance floor and the over sized clutch purses comes handy in this case.

“We Can Do It!”: J. Howard Miller’s famous Wartime propaganda poster used to promote Feminism in the 1980’s

Emancipating or merely for comfort’s sake, no girls closet is complete with out that one pair of jeans. Here’s to Women Power.


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