If you don’t want a break up, then you need to follow this steps

Being in a relationship is one of the most beautiful feeling until we screw it up, then break up feels like the worst feeling ever. Sometimes wondered when they say “it’s not you, it’s me” the most famous break up line, well to be honest according to me they are lying when they say that. I have learned it the hard way so sharing my experience.

The first and foremost reason for break up occurs when the person who feels suffocated because of lack of space tends to take the relationship for granted. And sometimes too much space makes the other wonder “do they really care if I am dead or alive”. Thus give space but know when you have to communicate as communication is must to keep the relationship going on.

Trust your partner when you are in a relationship. Yes I know it is not that easy to trust a person completely when he/she has other options open. The feeling of insecurity and jealously comes by itself. A few want to stalk and a few want to be overly attached. Both are being extreme case which can become a problematic factor. A healthy jealousy is fine, but don’t stretch the matter till it reaches the worse stage. Let go of your ego and learn to compromise at times if it really matters. But again that doesn’t mean you accept any pain that comes your way.

If a person is not happy in being in a relationship then it’s always advisable to be honest and let go. Holding onto something that brings tears in your eyes is not worth it. Anyhow we will stick to the positive points which make a relationship stronger and better.

The three most important things in a relationship according to me are:

1) Give a little space (It is very important as he/she have their personal life, family and friends. You can’t be taken along everywhere, the sooner you accept it the better it is.)

2) Trust (You need to at times stop over thinking when things are going fine. Over thinking increases your tension and gives rise to problems which never existed in the first place.)

3) Understand (Try to understand when they need a friend in you to share their moments, when they need a caring person like their mother, when they want a spouse in you who would get romantic. Basically with time you need to understand what time is the right time for what.)

If you don’t want a break up, then you need to follow this steps


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