Review of films watched in GFF 2013

Like every year, the 2013 Gulf Film Festival gave an opportunity to many aspiring film makers to showcase their work to the international audience. In today’s blog I am going to write a very short review about the three short films I watched.

Lonely Bones by Rosto

The Dutch film maker Rosto, in the bizarre and disturbing film Lonely Bones featured an element of music and a dream like experience. Every movie maker makes a narrative structured film so that their audiences see through the director’s view point and perception. Unlike them, Rosto wanted the audience to make their own perception after watching this movie. He said to his viewers that every single individual in the audience can have his or her own experience, interpretation, or conclusions which will give an overview of their own personality. The animated short film starts with a one eyed man escaping from a hotel like room into a world where there is no escape and he is stuck somewhere between time and space, while his actions are being watched.

 [To watch the film trailer, click on link]

Bobby by Mehdi Barsaoui

The film Bobby revolves around a school going kid (Faris) who is allowed to walk alone for his classes. On his way, he meets a dog and names it Bobby. Thus, their new beautiful friendship begins and Faris decides to take Bobby home. His father, who seems to be religious, doesn’t approve the idea of letting a dog enter the house because of its impurity, but the friendship of Faris and Bobby grew stronger with time and every night the dog would sleep outside their home. One night as Bobby was making a lot of noise; the father in anger takes bobby to a deserted place in the middle of the city and leaves him there. Somehow Bobby manages to find his way back to the house. As it kept barking, the neighbor shot Bobby. We almost get emotional with the thought that the dog died and so did humanity loss its essence. As we see the last scene it brings joy to everyone’s mind to see Bobby being alive and the father accepting the existence of a dog at home. The director of this short film says “A good Muslim is not a murderer, a good Muslim is not intolerant and a good Muslim knows how to share things, especially when it comes to the happiness of his own son.”

Al Habla (The Rope) by Hiba Tawaji

Youssef was an honest and hardworking man who owned a grocery shop. He would never say no to charity and always made time for his friend and family. One day with the appearance of a rope right outside his shop, it led to cause interest within the community to visit in and around his shop just to have a view of the rope which hung from the sky like a miracle. With time, Youssef became famous and his income increased because of the existence of the rope. He becomes so involved with earning more money that he has no time for his friends anymore. Soon even his family who was only interested in the money and fame, begins to abandon him. This becomes a reason for Youssef to feel suffocated and being watched by the media all the time, led to his ultimate suicide by the rope that made him famous once. The rope symbolizes vocal cord and fame which relates to the directors life. According to her, fame can be a reason for drift in relationship and also media starts to manipulate your life once you became famous.


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